Last Day On Earth Survival Cheats Free Coins and XP – No Survey

By | June 6, 2018

Last Day on Earth Cheats Free Coins and XP No Survey

We are happy to announce the release of the Last Day On Earth Survival Cheats were in you can get Free Coins and XP. Last Day On Earth Survival is a sandbox game for iOS/Android. With the game in such early development stages, this wiki will help you keep up with the changes and additions that come with each patch. You’ll find tips and guides for pros and beginners alike, stats for all your weapons/armor/enemies, and anything else you might need to make it through this particular Apocalypse.

Last Day On Earth Survival is a mobile zombie survival game from Kefir! Studios, currently in the early stages of BETA. It’s similar to experiences you’ll find in PC games like H1Z1, DayZ, 7 Days, ARK, etc. You play as a lone survivor in a post apocalyptic wasteland, forced to scrounge for food and shelter in a hostile environment. While not as in-depth as its PC equivalents, Last Day On Earth Survival is a surprisingly deep game, even at this stage of development.

Since the game is still in BETA, and patch notes are often missing info/not given altogether, this site (and others) will be invaluable tools to help you keep up with the comings and goings of the game.


Normally you would have to purchase coins and xp in the game which means you have to be ready to spend some bucks. There is also some tips, tricks and guides to get coins and xp but the easiest way to get what you need without spending any money is to use our Last Day On Earth Survival Cheats.


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Last Day on Earth Survival Cheats No Survey


Well, you can’t rely much on the coins and xp cheats because you have couple of things to do and accomplish in the game so below was Last Day On Survival game tips, tricks and other guides to help you in your game. Just ignore the label Set 1, Set 2 etc. Well, although boosting xp and coins using our Last Day On Earth Survival Cheats will give you a big head start in your game you still need to learn the game.


  • If you are a new player, you will get a free machete by dying two times (happens only ONCE), this could be good for you. To get the machete, commit suicide on the early stages of the game.
  • Also if you are a new player, walk to the first green forest. You will see an AI that is around > 40 HP. Kill him to get a chopper wheel and some other cool stuff.
  • Make sure you take a shower if you get spit on by the Spitter, the smell can make it nearly impossible for you to do sneak attacks on zombies and animals alike
  • If you want to see the name/stats of an item, hold your finger on it for a couple seconds and it’ll pop up.
  • You don’t need to equip a tool like an axe to use it, just have it in your inventory somewhere. Only equip weapons (you can use tools as weapons in a pinch).
  • Tools are “consumed” in order of where they are in your inventory, from top-left to bottom-right. Keep this in mind so you use up your most-depleted tools first.
  • You can hold down your finger when harvesting until the node is finished, no need to tap. OR use “auto”.
  • If you are farming for a particular item (pine, stone, iron, etc…) grab a stack from your inventory and ‘split’ it so that it fills all the empty spaces in your backpack.  That way when you are farming on auto, your character will only go for that item and ignore everything else.
  • You gain experience points from harvesting and combat, but not crafting.


  • Spend your leveling points wisely – Re-doing them costs coins, which for now can’t be earned in-game, only bought.
  • The limit to any item you can stack in any slot is 20. This is why you can only plant 20 Carrot Seeds/smelt 20 Iron Ore at any one time.
  • You can only build two of each type of crafting stations in your home.
  • Whilst this may seem like a waste at first, with two Workstations you can convert twice as many materials at the same time.
  • Hitting the back of your enemy deals 3x DMG multiplier, This strategy works best when Sneaking behind and when a spitter spits (it can’t move when spitting).
  • If you strike before you are too close to a target you are more likely to get a second hit before a slower moving NPC can strike.
  • Guns forfeit the Sneak Damage bonus.
  • If you decide to go somewhere you think you may die, leave your valuables at home and go with minimal gear. when you die you lose everything and respawn back home.
  • Except for bases, there you can go back and get your gear off your corpse. Presumably because the area doesn’t “reset”.
  • When you find a vehicle part that doesn’t look like a required mat in your recipe, that’s because it’s an additional piece that you need to add on AFTER you build and place it.
  • If you are low on storage do not forget you can keep certain items in their stations, like meat in the stove, Seeds in the Gardens, Wood in the Furnances/Stoves, etc.
  • If you have to run from a fight, leave the zone completely. Well, if it was an AI Player he will be gone when you come back, but zombies will still be there.


  • AI Enemies like to spawn near the same spot so if you wish to farm for AI Loot(Weapons, Clothes, etc.), try to stay close to their corpses.
  • You can outrun Roamers and Bloaters (if you need to double back to loot something.)
  • You can only see your Hunger/Thirst levels in the Inventory. However you will get an icon above your head when critically low (20 or less Hunger/Thirst).
  • When sneaking make sure you’re RIGHT next to object before you click open, otherwise you will take one ‘normal speed’ step and will alert the near by Zombies.
  • Eat and drink food if you cannot not carry it, they will be lost if you leave the area.
  • Your health refills when you level up.
  • Try and hold on to as many of those random car/bike/etc. parts you find, as you’ll need them to construct the fast travel vehicles later on and they’re hard to come by.
  • It is best to craft items at the world map when your not at home, avoids getting attacked while you’re in your inventory.
  • Zombies can destroy walls and traps, and there’s no practical reason to kill them at the moment. Best to save those resources for other things for the time being instead of using them on walls and traps as contrary to the loading screen, nobody is going to steal your stuff


  • Eventually you’ll have your two gardens and two rain catchers set up, coupled with a smoker. You’ll pretty much never have to worry about food/water again. Don’t forget – food is also instant heals (but not water)!
  • Rain catchers do not need to be outside of your walls. For whatever reason, they still work inside (even though there is a roof over them).
  • For quick equipping and quickly storing items, simply double tap the item to store or equip it.
  • Use the ‘pocket’ slot of your inventory.  That will put another icon on the main screen above the ‘attack’ icon.  Very handy if you put food in that slot.
  • You have to upgrade the floor next to a wall before you can upgrade a wall.
  • For the first two levels of walls and floors, you will only need pine logs, pine planks, and stone.  You will not need stone bricks.
  • Doors take more materials than walls to upgrade.
  • Once you are able to make the welcome mat, do it.  That is where your character will spawn when entering your base.  It has to be placed on the ground.  Make an extra ground square (square without a floor) inside your base and put it there.  Then you will always spawn inside your base.  Handy for when you are returning to base and almost dead.  You avoid any potential spawns at home.

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