Super Mario Run to be released in December 2016

Super Mario Run to be released in December 2016

Super Mario Run to be released in December 2016

Super Mario Run is an exciting and enjoyable side-scrolling, auto-runner video game which is scheduled to be released in December 2016 for iOS devices and at a later date for Android devices. The game is developed by Nintendo which originated from the popular Super Mario series.

Unlike the previous Super Mario games, Super Mario Run will play as an auto-runner, side-scrolling game. Mario is controlled by the player as he automatically runs from left to right. To make Mario jump, the player needs to tap the touch screen of their device. The longer the touch screen is touched, the higher Mario will jump. It’s similar to other side-scrolling Super Mario games wherein the player will control Mario over gaps, onto enemies, and into coins in order to collect them. The main goal is for the player to safely take Mario to the end of the level in the fastest time possible.

Another exciting mode of the game that adds to the main game is called “Toad Rally”. Players can challenge “ghost” versions of the other Super Mario Run players’ playthroughs of levels. This game mode is similar to the time attack modes that are found in most Mario Kart entries. Player earns coins in either game modes. The players can use these coins to buy items for creating and customizing their own so called “Mushroom Kingdom” in a separate, third gameplay mode.

We have prepared a dedicated page where you can download Super Mario Run for your iOS (IPA) and Android (APK) devices when the game is released. You can find our Super Mario Run download page from the link below:

Super Mario Run Android APK and iPhone iOSDownload

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Click the video below to watch the official Super Mario Run game trailer:

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